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Image Editing

Photo editing is useful and often necessary in the creation of promotional materials. With my work for everything from yoga studios to authors, motorcycle clubs, restaurants and diesel performance shops, I’ve made quite a few of these.

With yoga studios and in the spiritual community, a visual display of energy can go a long way in conveying character. It helps the viewer anticipate what kind of studio and teacher they’ll be interacting with. Kundalini and Qi Gong are, of course, profoundly more inwardly meditative and spiritually energetic than, say, a more accessible hot yoga style.

I also offer some photo restoration services. Some photos may be beyond resurrection, but even amplifying contrasts may serve to recapture their essence.

Photo-composites are some of my favorites. I toy with scale and layering to produce mixes that work for everything from t-shirts to movie posters, wall banners and book covers, website splash pages and soforth.

Contact me to get started.