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Brass Works

Did you know that as brass ages, it will corrode, but not rust? I am totally fond of brass for this reason, so lately I’ve gotten in to etching brass business cards and metaphysical disks, which I call “gates”.

This energetic diagram combines a variety of geometries. In the center, the Seed of Life counts as seven circles set withing a larger one. These first forms rest atop a scintillating Yantra, which numerically corresponds to it; and both correspond to the Chakras. This center is surrounded by petals focusing on the Heart Chakra, then the Crown Chakra; and these in turn are set within the linear frame typical of a Kalachakra. The eight sided framework respect the remarkable I-Ching. This is a meditative tool, if you know how to use it. These forms predate the religions and cultures most frequently associated with them. The blooming lotus predates known history. Just as people move in peculiar rhythms, the lotus emerges from the water into sunlight, and descends in darkness.
Acid-bathed brass, etched by diamond-tipped precision machinery
Set in a grooved slab of selenite (gypsum) the artist dug out of the local desert and milled with a cruel-looking pruning saw

The isolated symbol of an eye is older in the history of art than Egypt’s Eye of Horus. It typically denotes awareness. Note that the eye is the primary average human method of perception, so as long as humans are generally sighted, they will probably continue to use this mark.
How to deploy the gate:
First, set aside a minute for your meditation. When using this disk, try to keep your vision centered on the middle of the eye, looking around your existing field of vision through your peripheral vision, without moving the eyes. With each step, completely inhale and exhale only once.
• Start with your focus at the center of the eye (1)
• Move your awareness to the edges of the eye (2)
• Count the triangular corners (3)
• Move your awareness to the four circles set in a square around the triangle and sun disk (4)
• Allow your awareness to include the small details of pentagons and hexagons (5,6)
• Move your awareness to the heptagon that surrounds this (7)
• Become aware of the encompassing octagon form of the disk itself (8)
• Reverse the order inwards (7,6,5,4,3,2,1)
• Repeat until you are centered in your being

Acid-bathed brass, etched by diamond-tipped precision machinery
Best if mounted to a wall, just like a mirror

Brass is convenient for long-term record keeping

I’ve started designing genealogical records for etching on metal plates. My buddy Todd of the Desk Works does the fine etching with a diamond-tipped augur on a precision CNC machine. It results in something timeless. They are very challenging to photograph well, and are utterly astonishing in person. I think this has to do with the difference of reflection between your eyes, which are stereoscopic, and a two-dimensional limited perspective, as in a photo, which flattens out the outrageous changes that make it sparkle in full view. Our new site, in progress, is at

These run for about $200-$400, depending on the complexity of the design and which metals you select. We can do just about any kind of popular metal and finish, if you have the budget.